BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The Theatre of Dreams by Rosie Travers

The Theatre of Dreams Take 2

Welcome one and all to day 1 on the blog tour for The Theatre of Dreams by Rosie Travers! Thank you so much to Rachel Gilbey of Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me along for the ride!

Surreal cyrcus teather backgroundIt’s really hard to believe that this is Rosie Travers’ debut novel. This is easily comparable to anything written by someone with many years of writing experience, and bodes well for all future offerings from her!

So … what’s it all about? Tara Wakely, fading musical theatre performer, has done the unforgiveable. Not only has she fallen out of favour with her much older, theatre director lover, but she’s been duped into publicly slandering his current, far younger, love interest in the tabloids. She’s shunned by the entire industry, including her agent! But salvation could be at hand in the form of Kitty Barker who invites Tara to Hookes Bay (she’s never heard of the place) to run a dancing school.

Tara is immediately attracted by the word ‘run’ because that’s exactly what she wants to do: run away from her life and the current state that it’s in. So, against the advice of best friend Bea, she ups and leaves city life and heads off to the sleepy seaside town of Hookes Bay to see what Kitty has to say.

But, in the style of all good books, of course Kitty has an ulterior motive! And so the reader enters into a world of deception, intrigue, backstabbing and also a lovely dose of nostalgia.

Told from both Tara and Kitty’s alternate points of view the story comes to life at just the right pace. With Tara attempting to hide from her ruined career, and Kitty knowing she can’t go back to her younger years, but still wishing to ensure that she leaves just a little bit of that grandeur she remember, behind, the two form a strong understanding. Tara quickly adapts to life in Hookes Bay and grows attached to the people there, but it’s her fondness for Kitty that ultimately gives her the peace and stability that she’s looking for.

This is a highly enjoyable book with just the right balance of all the elements needed to make it a satisfyingly great read. It really does deserve 5 big, shiny, glittery stars!

Oh, and also … I have to mention that I absolutely love the beautiful cover!!

About the author:063

Rosie Travers says: “I’ve always had a very vivid imagination and my passion for writing began at a very early age.  As a teenager I scribbled, then typed, numerous novels and short stories, none of which I was ever brave enough to show to anyone. My hobby was put on hold while mortgages, marriage, and motherhood took over. In fact, it stayed hidden for a good twenty or so years until I unexpectedly found myself with some spare time on my hands. In 2009 I left the UK to accompany my husband on an overseas work assignment to California. I started a blog about my life in the US, and from there everything mushroomed. I re-discovered my creative juices.  I am a member of the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Scheme and Hampshire Writers Society. I now live on the south coast of England with my husband and a very spoilt cat. I like to  write stories with a twist, a sprinkling of humour and a dash of tragedy.  My aim is to entertain and raise a smile.
The Theatre of Dreams is my first novel.”

Follow the blog tour until 12 August 2018 and see what others are saying about The Theatre of Dreams.

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