BLOG TOUR REVIEW – The After Wife by Cass Hunter

The After WifeI don’t understand a thing when it comes to AI (Artificial Intelligence). I know that ‘they’ claim it’s the way of the future, but I stand my ground in maintaining that there will only be a handful of very clever individuals who will understand it, and know how to use it to the best of its ability to benefit mankind. Of course there will be those who choose to use it for negative purposes and there will be others who use it for personal gain.

But what if AI could be used for something completely the opposite of what everyone says it could ever be able to do? What if a Robot could learn how to love?

Meet Aiden and Rachel, who absolutely adore each other. They’ve planned their ‘forever together’ lives, with their teenage daughter Chloe, and despite Rachel’s obsessive work ethic, everything’s going according to plan … until the day when it doesn’t and Aiden and Chloe are left floundering, wondering how to exist in a world with no more Rachel. But wait … she even made sure that in the unforeseen event of her not being there, she could actually still be there! Enter … iRachel!

This book is so unique, you’ll have to read it to truly understand the depth and clarity of the characters, their feelings and the emotional roller-coaster ride that the entire story takes you on! I found it utterly moving, and it made me question so many things that we really do take for granted.

I identified so closely with Chloe – she seemed so, so similar to my own 15-year-old daughter: headstrong, independent, determined … but yet, vulnerable and unsure at the same time. She’s 100% perfectly depicted as a modern teenager. They’re so full of bravado in every situation, but really they’re ready to run for the hills at any second.

Emotionally, I found much of this book quite gut-wrenching! Aidan and Rachel are so firmly welded together, that to witness them being wrenched apart felt like it had a physically draining impact on me that left me gasping for air!

The After Wife gets 4 shiny, glittery stars from me! Cass Hunter, I think you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands writing your next book. After something like this, we’re all expecting something equally, if not more, out of the ordinary. I know I can’t wait! (And by the way, I adore the cover!)

Thank you to Tracy Fenton (THE Book Club on FB) and Orion Books for inviting me along!

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